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Becoming a Sponsor

Are you a business employing non British and non European nationals or an educational establishment enrolling foreign students? You will then need to apply to the Home Office for a sponsor license. This will enable you to employ foreign nationals and enrol international students.

The process of becoming Home Office approved sponsor is very technical and can be very lengthy and expensive and any mistake can lead to refuse your application which will cost you a lot of stress, money and time.

You must be aware that from 27 November 2008 all employers who wish to recruit foreign national workers under the tier 2 visa category will first need to register for a Sponsorship Licence with the Home Office.

What you have to show to the Home Office?

  • You are a legitimate organisation working within the law in the UK;
  • There are no reasons to believe that you are a threat to immigration control; and
  • Your organisation is committed to fulfilling its sponsorship duties.
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Our experience

We have developed a dedicated corporate team within our firm who specialises sponsorship license applications. We are proud to say that we have successfully processed sponsorship license applications for some high profile companies in the UK. We have also helped foreign companies in their sponsorship license applications for their branches and franchises in the UK to become approved sponsor.

Employing Migrants

We expertise in sponsorship applications. Once you become an approve sponsor, you will then need to meet other requirements in order to employ migrants. During this process we will give you complete support, our service package include information and support on the following;

  • Code of practice for Tier 2 and Tier 5
  • Intra company transfers
  • Shortage occupational list
  • Resident labour market test
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • Restricted and Unrestricted CoS
  • Applying for CoS
  • Assigning CoS to migrants
  • Cancellation of CoS
  • Sports governing bodies

Revocation of License

If the Home Office has revoked your license and you are not satisfied with the reasons of their decision. They worry no more, we can help you in getting your license back. Call now in confidence and speak to us about your options.

How we will help you!

  • Discuss your case with you.
  • Advise you the best possible solutions.
  • Collect all the relevant documents together.
  • Prepare your application along with our submissions.
  • Submit your application to the relevant authority.
  • Communicate with the authority on your behalf until a decision is made.

Why us!

  • We deal with every case individually in detail.
  • We have a vast experience in immigration matters.
  • We give you expert and impartial advice.
  • We give you a dedicated lawyer.
  • We keep you updated about your case.
  • We fight for your right to the end.

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